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    Wooden Alphabet Play Blocks by Oioiooi | Oioiooi Design

    Wooden Alphabet Play Blocks by Oioiooi


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    An adorable, high quality wooden alphabet block set created by Korean designers Oioiooi. This unique play set consists of 60 solid wooden blocks made of beech and walnut. It comes with a picture book and a storage bag in a sturdy drawer box.

    Each letter has corresponding shapes kids can find and match together in a variety of themes, perfect for story telling and decoration.

    You can find many creative ways to combine learning and play with this excellent alphabet block set like no other.  This truly is an heirloom set to pass down for generations to come.

    Materials: Beech wood, walnut wood. Some pieces have magnets safely embeded inside.
    Set contents: cotton bag, book, blocks
    Suitable for age 3+ only due to small parts