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    Waytoplay Cardboard Toy Car Track Set - Road To Recovery - 8 Pieces

    Waytoplay Cardboard Toy Car Track Set - Road To Recovery - 8 Pcs


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    This new Waytoplay Road to Recovery track set is a great way to encourage imaginative play. Children can create road maps for their own favourite ambulances and fire trucks and imagine they come to the rescue. The recycled cardboard road parts are especially designed for indoor use and they offer an extra benefit: kids can write or doodle on the back! 

    The Road to Recovery set is harder than the regular sets, but the cardboard connects perfectly to the rubber flexible toy roads. The set even includes one flexible part to prove it! 

    Product Details:

    • 8 (long) Pieces
    • Cardboard road toy, that measures 192cm in length
    • Includes 4 curves, 3 straights (2 cardboard, 1 flexible) and 1 very cool square parking
    • Special striping in yellow: "roadblocks and detours"
    • Compatible with waytoplay flexible toy road
    • Inside use only, you can doodle on the back
    • Easy to connect parts
    • Encourages imaginative play
    • Great to combine with other toys