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    Sebra Crochet Pull-Along Toy - Dixi The Deer


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    Meet Dixi the deer, the cutest pull-along toy from Sebra and a new companion for little ones as they start learning to walk. 

    The deer is hand-crocheted using organic cotton with a recycled polyester filling enclosed in a small cloth bag, which keeps the filling from coming out through the crocheted stitches. Mounted on a natural coloured, varnished wooden board with four wheels. With a cotton drawstring which makes it possible to pull Dixi behind you.

    The wheels have a clear silicone ring around them which protects delicate floors and it is of course free from BPA, phthalate, PFOA, PFOS and formamide.

    Size: 22 x 13 x 26cm
    Material: wooden base with organic cotton deer & recycled polyester filling
    Suitable for age 1 year+