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    Olli Ella Lyra Bassinet Rocking Stand

    Olli Ella Lyra Bassinet Rocking Stand

    Olli Ella

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    There’s nothing quite as lovely as rocking baby to sleep, and this Olli Ella Lyra Bassinet Rocking Stand is the perfect accompaniment to the Lyra moses basket (sold separately) — sure to lull any babe into the most blissful of slumbers!

    Crafted from lightweight & durable FSC Certified New Zealand Pinewood, the Lyra Stand has a bespoke design and sturdy frame. Place it by your bed for easy access to your baby throughout the night.

    Suitable for newborn babies until they can roll. The Lyra Stand can be used with all Moses Baskets which measure between 700-835mm long and 300-370mm wide.

    Product Details: 
    • Material: FSC Certified New Zealand Pinewood
    • Pair with the Lyra moses basket for a snug and secure fit
    • Lightweight & portable. Ships flat, simple assembly
    • Suitable for newborns until baby can roll
    • Dimensions: stand alone: L81cm x W41cm x H50cm. Stand with Lyra Moses Basket: H53cm Lyra Moses Stand to bassinet
    • Care: wipe clean with damp cloth