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    Miffy Limited Edition Soft Toy - Matisse

    Miffy Limited Edition Soft Toy - Matisse


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    To celebrate Miffy's 65th birthday, they decided to launch project Miffy: A Fashion Student's Perspective. 

    The primary goal was to share Dick Bruna's (Miffy's creator) love for the creative process and give young designers a platform to share their own unique perspective. It was a celebration of young artist and design excellence, inviting design students from 5 highly respected and award winning design schools to create a limited edition Miffy plush toy. The winning designs were then turned into reality!

    This special limited edition Miffy is by artist Jennifer Potter of Nottingham Trent, UK

    Henri Matisse's work "The Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence" inspired both Dick Bruna and Jennifer. Paying tribute to the spinning yarn company New Lanark Spinning Co. established in the 1880's, who were taking a more environmental approach along with strong ideals for his children's rights. This links closely to a key philosophy Dick Bruna held high; respect for the world of a child. The designer believes that every child should have the right to freedom and play.

    Size: 34cm tall
    Material: cotton
    Comes in a collectors display box