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    Miffy Limited Edition Soft Toy - Explorer

    Miffy Limited Edition Soft Toy - Explorer


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    To celebrate Miffy's 65th birthday, they decided to launch project Miffy: A Fashion Student's Perspective. 

    The primary goal was to share Dick Bruna's (Miffy's creator) love for the creative process and give young designers a platform to share their own unique perspective. It was a celebration of young artist and design excellence, inviting design students from 5 highly respected and award winning design schools to create a limited edition Miffy plush toy. The winning designs were then turned into reality!

    This special limited edition Miffy is by artist Cheong Hung of Nottingham Trent, UK

    Inspired by Dick Bruna's quote 'right at the beginning, I didn't know if Miffy was a boy or girl' Jack explored the concept in a broader context to deliver a unique and unexpected Miffy the explorer. Also inspired by the 1900's Arctic Pole explorers, resulting in a special outfit for survival, including gloves and furs. Ready to satisfy Miffy's curious nature.

    Size: 34cm tall
    Material: cotton
    Comes in a collectors display box