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    Liewood Ellis Sippy Cup - 2 Pack - Sandy Multi Mix


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    Pack of 2 Liewood sippy cups with beautiful sleek design and made from smooth, unbreakable silicone - it makes drinking on your own a piece of cake!

    Features a removable lid with a small spout, which can be used with or without the accompanying straw. Comes with a handy cleaning brush.

    Holds approximately 230 ml of liquid (to indicated max-line).

    Dimensions: Cup: H 11.5 cm, D 7 cm - Straw: H 17 cm, D 1 cm, Volume: 230 ml
    Material: 100% silicone
    Care: dishwasher safe up to 65 degrees, freezer safe down to -20 degrees, wash in dishwasher or hot soapy water before first use, safe contact with food