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    Hiccup Makes A Leap - Children's Hardback Book by Fanny & Alexander

    Fanny & Alexander

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    All Hiccup wants is to be appreciated. His friends are embarrassed by him, strangers try to scare him away – so Hiccup decides to prove his worth by finding a job.

    But – HIC! – he just can’t seem to stop causing chaos.

    Can Hiccup ever stop erupting long enough to find his place in the world?

    A warm, funny, absurd tale about picking yourself up, putting yourself out there, and making your invaluable, idiosyncratic contribution to the world from the makers of The Nature of Play.

    Author: Delfina Aguilar
    Illustrations: Sabrina Artnault
    Format: Hardback
    Publisher: Fanny & Alexander
    Publication date: 29 Dec 2020
    Pages: 52
    Product dimensions: 226 x 278 x 13mm