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    Garden Jungle - Children's Laser Cut Hardback Book

    Thames & Hudson

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    Follow Tom to the edge of his garden, where the grass turns into a lush jungle and a walk turns into an expedition! Tom, a little boy who's bored, follows a butterfly deeper than he's ever been in his backyard and discovers uncharted territory. Here, the grass becomes a jungle, the cat turns into a leopard, and the only sounds come from leaves blowing in the wind. But all too soon, it's time to go back. Tom realises his house is just behind those shrubs . . . It's so good to be bored!

    A beautiful picture book with layers of intricate laser cuts and enchanting illustrations.

    Author: Helene Druvert
    Format: Hardback
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson
    Publication Date: 29 Oct 2019
    Pages: 32
    Product Dimensions: 215 x 280 x 14mm


    'Children will delight in looking at each beautiful page. This truly is a book to be treasured and revisited again and again' - Armadillo

    About the Author

    Helene Druvert is an illustrator, paper and textile designer. She is the author of Paris Up, Up and Away, Mary Poppins Up, Up and Away, New York Melody, and, with her father, Jean-Claude, Anatomy and Ocean, all published by Thames & Hudson.