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    Franklin And Luna And The Book Of Fairy Tales - Hardback Book

    Franklin And Luna And The Book Of Fairy Tales - Hardback Book

    Thames & Hudson

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    Franklin and Luna are back again and this time it's Franklin's birthday! Luna and all the villagers are planning a surprise party. While the party is being set up, Luna takes Franklin book shopping, and Luna's tortoise, Neil, finds a padlocked book of fairy tales and can't help picking the lock. But when he peers inside, the book swallows him whole! Franklin and Luna dive into the book to rescue Neil and tumble into a cobwebbed forest where they meet dusty fairy-tale characters who have been trapped inside the pages for hundreds of years.

    In this new Franklin and Luna adventure, the adorable duo meet three pig architects, a wolf with a New Age attitude, and a very bored princess. Desperate to be brought to life, these fairy-tale characters join Franklin and Luna on their hunt for Neil, realising that the only way to escape the book is to trek all the way through it. Find out if Franklin and Luna find Neil and make it back in time for Franklin's party in this exciting, new, picture-book adventure. In the third volume of the Franklin and Luna series, well-loved fairy-tale characters are vividly and wittily recreated to great effect.

    Author: Jen Campbell
    Illustrations: Katie Harnett
    Series: Franklin and Luna
    Format: Hardback
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson 
    Publication Date: 19 Sep 2019
    Pages: 32
    Product Dimensions: 287 x 287 x 9mm


    'A delight' - Red Reading Hub

    'Beautiful' - Jeans Thoughts

    'Magical' - Alice's Magical Library

    About the Author

    Jen Campbell is the Sunday Times bestselling author of the Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops series, which was a finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards. Her latest non-fiction book, The Bookshop Book, was the official book of the 'Books Are My Bag' campaign. She's also an award-winning poet and short story writer.

    Katie Harnett is a sought-after British illustrator with an MA in Children's Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. She won the 2015 Ars in Fabula Award and is the author of Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat.