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    Ailefo Organic Modelling Clay - Basic Colours - Small Tube

    Ailefo Organic Modelling Clay - Basic Colours - Small Tube


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    Small tube containing 5 different colour tubs of the brilliant Ailefo organic modelling clay. Also available are the wooden stamps and tools from Ailefo to inspire even more creativity!  

    Product Details:

    - Contains 98% certified organic ingredients.
    - All products used are exclusively from food-grade ingredients. Your child can taste Ailefo organic modelling clay, which fortunately does not taste good!
    - Doesn't contain perfume or parabens & the preservatives are all mild, food grade ingredients.
    - The specially selected organic plant oils give the extra soft texture of Ailefo organic modelling clay, which makes it easy for even the smallest hands to play and form shapes. 
    - The colours used are all natural dyes, including blue-green algae, the fungus Blakeslea Trispora, grass and other green plants, red fruits and vegetables and burned sugar. We recommend storing your clay in the closed transparent tubs in the dark cardboard tube, this way the colours are protected from UV light will stay bright for longer.
    - Plant based and doesn't contain nuts, traces of nuts, soy, eggs or dairy products. Not gluten free. 
    - The oils in the clay transfer to the hands, and take good care of the skin during play.
    - Extend the life of the clay by storing it in the tub when not used and if the clay starts to feel a little crumbly, it is a good idea to add a bit of cooking oil.
    - You can bake the modeling clay in the oven at 60 degrees celcius until dry.

    Dimensions: cardboard tube - H 27 x D 7cm 
    Cardboard tube is made from 100 % recycled paper
    Contains 5 x 100g tubs of of organic modelling clay - green, blue, red, brown & yellow
    Ingredients: flour, water, salt, vegetable oils, natural dye, acid regulators, potassium sorbate
    Shelf life: unopened - 1.5 years from date of manufacture
    Made in Denmark