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    Ailefo Modelling Clay Charades Game


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    The Ailefo Charades is a creative sculp and guess game for the whole family. The game is to be played in combination with Ailefo organic modelling clay (not included). 

    The box contains 110 cards displaying everyday images.

    Game rules:
    - 2-10 players (age 6+)
    - If multiple players, it can be a good idea to split up into teams.
    - The youngest or the person with the lowest height begins the game.
    - Pick a card and shape the image out of Ailefo Organic modelling clay. 
    - Players are only allowed to guess when the player has begun to shape.
    - The first one to guess the image being shaped wins the card and gets a point, until all cards have been shaped and won.
    - Players take turns in clockwise rotation.
    - If the opponents cannot guess the image shaped, the player must give 2 or 3 clues.
    - The one who eventually holds the most picture cards wins the game.